Life, circumstances and rebooting: L&R 2.6

September 30, 2014

So I thought I’d just drop by to say hi, and sorry. Life took a turn for the worse in April and therefore I had to discontinue the website for a few months pending changes in my life. Things are finally settling down and I can focus on what’s important again.

Finances have been brutally impacted as I’ve had to find a new apartment among other things and I haven’t really been able to live the frugal lifestyle I’m accustomed to. But that’s life, and we adapt and continue our journeys. I might write a more elaborate post about this later on, but then again I might not.

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Shedding Skin – Week 2

#newbeginnings #workinghard #getlean #dieting
April 15, 2014

Down we go! This week has been very linear when it comes to the actual weight loss. It usually isn’t and I’ll show you the “how” and “why” when I get further into this cut. On average I’m down about 0,4 KG and you can see my calories, macros and weigh-ins below.


Macros – Week 2

So let me go through what the macros represent real quick. The FCP stands for Fat / Carbs and Protein. And the numbers represent how many grams of each I consumed that day. I calculate this via my own excel sheet straight from my Dropbox and it’s really hassle free.

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The Art of Spending Less – Frugal April (Week 3)

#frugalapril #savingmoney #getrich
April 15, 2014

Another week gone by in Frugal April and it’s been a good one! Just like last week I only spent in 2, although different, categories.


3rd week of Frugal April

The third week of Frugal April. Click for larger image.

Total costs for the week landed at 631 SEK ($ 85 / € 68). Very close to last weeks spending.

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The Million – Milestones

#savingmoney #getrich #gettingthere #milestones
April 8, 2014

These last few days I’ve had a lot of thoughts going through my mind (more than usual that is) about life in general but also about the blog and what I want to share with others. And I felt like it would be a good idea to share the actual numbers of my milestones with you guys.

In my mind I’ve got milestones set for every year. For the next 20 consecutive years. But seeing as I can’t predict the future and neither can anyone else I thought it would be a bit more realistic just to think a year ahead. In this case not even a year but, more specifically, 267 days from now. December 31, 2014.

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Shedding Skin – A fat loss journey extraordinaire

#newbeginnings #workinghard #getlean #dieting
April 8, 2014

So the time has come to start the fat loss journey guys. Or actually it started about a week ago. I’m not yet sure on how or what to present to you to make it easy to understand this process of losing weight but I guess that will change during the course of this cut (cutting excess fat away).

I thought I’d start off by just post the weekly pictures of me with the average weigh in and compare from one week to another. And once a month or so I’ll post the “monthly transformation” or something like that. So here we go!

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The Art of Spending Less – Frugal April (Week 2)

#frugalapril #savingmoney #getrich
April 7, 2014

The second week of Frugal April has passed by and since I’m not doing anything else today than my studies and going to the gym I might as well post the results for the past week. Except for a purchase made sort of last second yesterday, this week has been a lot kinder to my bank account than the first one was.

I only spent in two categories and I feel like I can justify the only purchase made except for food.

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The Art of Spending Less – Frugal April (Week 1)

#frugalapril #savingmoney #getrich
March 31, 2014

Time to update everyone about what’s going down this month with my finances. This month I entered a contest, without any price as far as I know, where the goal is to be as frugal (or cheap, depending on where you draw the line) as possible. Even more than usual that is.

You’re supposed to post your expenditures in the categories below:

  • Food
  • Hygiene
  • Pleasure/Leisure
  • Clothes & Looks
  • Transport
  • Decoration
  • Miscellaneous

In addition to these, you also account for your fixed costs every month such as rent etc. At the end of the month you put together the total amount spent vs income and get the percentage you spent/saved. So needless to say I’ll update once a week with graphs and information about the money spent!

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From fat to Fit – Cut starting tomorrow!

#newbeginnings #workinghard #getlean #dieting
March 30, 2014

Embark on this journey with me!

Starting my cut (weight loss) tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t really have a set weight in my mind but I’m looking forward to posting progress pictures and my macros etc.

Feel free to drop a comment if you need motivation to lose weight yourself or if you would like to show support! Stay tuned!

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Time to get rich!

#newbeginnings #savingmoney #getrich
March 28, 2014

Welcome to my blog!

Alright.. Time to get this thing rolling! Glad to see you’re here! Can you smell that? I guess you can’t, since this blog isn’t a newly purchased diary so it doesn’t really have a smell… I’ve been busy working my ass off while having my head filled with ideas about the blog and I finally got to sit down and get my hands dirty with some CSS editing. I’m a total beginner at programming but I wanted the freedom to make my website look exactly like I wanted it to and I really don’t mind picking up a thing or two along the way.

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